HIKING FOOD | Mountain Miso Beef and Shiitake Soup

HIKING FOOD | Mountain Miso Beef and Shiitake Soup

July 30, 2018

Mountain Miso | Beef and Shiitake Miso Soup

Background Story:

Mountain Miso | Beef and Shiitake Miso Soup - Earlier this year I found myself having to prepare dry food rations for a three month expedition, in which I would traverse Tasmania through its rugged Western Wilds.

I needed food that was tasty, nutritious, varied, and simple to prepare.
In the past I have always found lunch the trickiest meal to prepare. Usually, I would
simply eat wraps with cheese and salami for lunch. For this expedition, I knew I
couldn’t justify the weight of cheese and salami given their comparatively low
nutritional value. Besides, given the prevailing weather conditions on the ridgelines of Tasmania’s remote Southwest, I knew a hot lunch that was quick and easy to prepare would be ideal.

So I came up with the following recipe, using ingredients from top notch local,
Tasmanian producers. Each of these producers has a range of flavours in their product range and so I was able to mix up the flavours and no two packets of miso soup tasted the same.

I knew I hit the nail on the head with this recipe when I reached my destination, the
northern tip of Tasmania, Woolnorth Point. After 84 days in Tasmania’s Western
Wilds, I ate this Miso Soup every single day and was still just as happy to eat it on the last day of my trip as the first!

Happy travels, wherever your path may take you.

Andy ‘Sloz’ Szollosi



100g Noodles
50g KOOEE beef jerky
25g MERU Miso Powder
25g CAMPERS PANTRY freeze dried broccoli
25g Dried and sliced shiitake mushrooms



1. Measure out ingredients into a zip lock bag and seal. Make as many portions as
required by multiplying recipe ingredients but package each serve individually.
2. Boil 600mL water. Turn off heat/stove.
3. Empty the contents of zip lock bag into the pot of boiling water.
4. Stir, then cover pot and wait for 5 minutes.
5. Bon apetit!

Andy's story to be published in Wild Magazine


Andy Szollosi climbing in Tasmania into know where carrying a 45 kilo pack. This photo from one of TASPARKS trails in the wilderness of Tasmania when filming Winter on the Blade. Hiking in Tasmania is a passion of Andy's and carrying in  his camera gear to capture these rugged landscapes and epic adventures is what we love about Andy Szollosi. Winter on the Blade is one of the most epic films following a crew of climbers in Tasmania tackling Federation Peak. This film has been aired around the world through the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018. 📷Above: Andy Szollosi carrying a 45kg pack into know where. Photo Credit Simon Bischoff 


Lightweight stoves used to prep the mountain miso | Beef and Shiitake miso soup. These lightweight MSR stoves are super handy for hikers preparing instant freeze dried meals. They are very efficient due to key design features and use very little gas. The miso soup is very easy to prepare and Andy Szollosi ate this meal every day on his 84 day expedition. Andy Szollosi has said it was super tasty and nutritious thats why he chose to make it every day. Andy Szollosi has traversed Tasmania through the western wilds and his epic journey can be watched via the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

📷Above: A super efficient and lightweight stove is used to prep the Mountain Miso


Andy Szollosi finds a patch to pitch his tent for the evening. After filming Winter on the Blade where Andy and his climbing mates attempt the unthinkable, to climb Federation Peak, Andy had an idea to traverse Tasmania. Andy wanted to traverse Tasmania through the western mountains this would mean meal planning for around 84 days. Andy incorporated into his meal plan as much lightweight food that was still nutritious and tasty. Campers Pantry the best hiking food in the world was available online and Andy loved it. Campers Pantry is so much tastier than any other backcountry food and Campers Pantry uses real ingredients. 📷Above: Andy finds a patch to pitch for the night.


 Rugged Tasmanian mountains ready to be explored. Andy Szollosi stopping for a break to capture a moment on the mountain. If you thought Winter on the Blade was hardcore wait till you see this epic story in Wild Magazine. And if you haven't seen Winter on the blade you should. Mountain Miso | Beef and Shiitake Miso Soup was Andy's staple and go to meal for this trip using Kooee Snacks beef jerky and miru miso plus our Campers Pantry broccoli.

📷Above: A moment on the mountain - rugged Tasmania 

Three Capes Track Blog 


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